It is often said that litigation is the worst form of dispute resolution, except for all the others. However, using a neutral party to assist in resolving those disputes offers a different, often less expensive, and potentially more satisfying approach. With mediation, the goal is to help the parties achieve a resolution that costs less than taking a case to trial, and where the parties themselves control the outcome. Arbitration offers control over schedule, the opportunity to limit costly discovery, and to achieve finality when the decision is rendered.

Jeremy Vermilyea is an experienced mediator and arbitrator of construction and commercial disputes, including construction defect and insurance coverage matters. He has participated in hundreds of mediations and dozens of arbitrations as both advocate and neutral. He is well-respected by his peers and brings both practical as well as academic experience to the table as a neutral.

He is also a credentialed mediator, having received a certification from the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University Law School, widely considered one of the premiere mediation training programs in the world.

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